Poems by Aditya Malhotra



Hugging his belly against my womb
He chimes exuberance galore
Through the placenta of my soul
And chase my hum in a strum
Like a frisking fawn

With melodies stacked
Under a banished bay
Drenched in kaleidoscopic notes
We gather them with bare hands
To compose the sky mottled gray

Like a charismatic vowel
Dilating a barren consonant
He conducts
In return, I relax his taut nerves
In stage jitters
Or fasten his aplomb

Raising him over my head
Like a tree on a mountain top
Thanking the intangible
We toast the world
I bow to its awe in a nimbus of cheer
They see a halo upon my dear


Take a trip to the salutary mountains
Bare—until it carves a canyon in your veins
Slowly the heart turns turquoise, body disappears
Crocheting a lucid silence, you and the lake shares

Sway in its blushing meadow
Learn the sweet smell of today
Drown its unshakeable island
With every flight

Then Spread wide open
Amidst this overcast expanse—
Fertile winds flip the pages
Let pearly drizzle awash them

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Its not too long ago that Aditya Malhotra started writing poetry and now it has become an integral part of his daily life. It helps him to unlearn what he learned throughout his life, believing it to be true. To him poetry is an art akin to art of listening, observing and above all, art of living. His poems have appeared in Literary Yard, Remember Arts Journal, Open Heart anthology by Ontario Poetry Society. He lives in Ottawa, Canada with his wife, two young sons and works for a software firm.


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