Poems by Faleeha Hassan


My Guest

There is nothing more important than you, my guest
I will delay my sickness until you leave
And I will cover my sadness with a big smile
I will give my last bread to you and my hungry kids
Don’t worry—
I will fill my stomach with water
Come on in…
My house is full of the incense of hospitality
Its walls are made of peace
I know one thing—
You are not my guest
You are my blessing from my God
Don’t tell me your name
Where you come from
Why you are here
After three days
When you leave my house
We will shake hands with hope for the next visit.


Do not be scared of me
I’m not an alien
Coming from space
Hiding its horrible sensors
Under its hood
I am not here to attack you
Don’t be scared
I am not a female spider
Hiding in her web
Trying to wrap your body with my silken thread
I am not a barbaric woman
Just dancing on the drums of death
I am a woman like you
Smiling like you
walking on my feet like you
Crying, laughing, dreaming and singing like you
The difference between us is
In the war I lost so many…
It’s a scarf
My scarf
See it, touch it, feel it
Do not let it cover your mind
From seeing the real truth

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Faleeha Hassan is a poet, teacher, editor, writer, playwriter born in Najaf, Iraq, in 1967, who now lives in the United States. Faleeha is the first woman to write poetry for children in Iraq. She received her master's degree in Arabic literature, and has now published twenty-one books. Her poems have been translated into English, Turkmen, Bosevih, Indian, French, Italian, German, Kurdish, Spain, Korean, Greek, Serbia, Albanian, and Pakistani languages. Ms. Hassan has received many awards in Iraq and throughout the Middle East for her poetry and short stories.


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