Poems by Ricky Garni



Jane was in Vancouver one day and she stood
at the window and saw a woman crawling out
of the sea. The woman started running really
fast on the beach until she reached a bicycle
and then she hopped on it and kept going.
“Wow!” Jane said, “I just saw the evolution
of mankind in four minutes.”


Wearing a muslin dress is she a ghost from 1853
Some say her skin looks like ivory but I know ivory
And that’s what it isn’t. The first time I saw her,
I thought of a single note on my piano – A above
high C – a note nobody would dare to sing –

how nice it would be
if that note were she.


These things that aren’t inside of me
are coming out.

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Ricky Garni has been working as a graphic designer for a wine company for about eighteen years. Before that he was a teacher. He spends most of his time writing and composing music nowadays, and collecting hand-tinted postcards, typewriters and riding his bicycle. His latest book, The Pressed Tablets Of Domino, will be released in Spring 2019.


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