Poems by Tissy Taylor



Glass wall inside of me
Looking to where I want to be
How this widowed heart hides
In plain sight, wishing to be seen

False light is blinding me
Until I can no longer breathe
Quiet madness beguiles
This raging fire, consuming

Masked her wall of pretend
Fettered anguish lingers within
Imprisoned by the tides
In murky depths a life ended


When he came to get you
We didn’t understand
Everybody told us
It was part of his plan
The good ones go early
We had to let you go
Angels go to Heaven
Gentle wings took her soul
They never truly leave us
He asks us to believe
Our tears fill the rivers
Our voices sing his praise
We pray to make us stronger
As we stand beside her grave
Dear Lord I need an answer
As we try to be brave
Tell it to my mama
Who cries for her each night
I miss my baby sister
I need to know she’s fine
Our perfect little Rose
So far her heart has roamed
On bended knee I pray
Please send our angel home


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