Thursday, February 2, 2023
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Kalyani Bindu

Kalyani Bindu is an aspiring biologist working as a project assistant in the Indian Institute of Science. She forays into poetry, when at a loss of words. She has published a poetry collection, Two Moviegoers and 32 Others, and has written socio-cultural essays in White Crow Art Daily. Her poems have appeared in the Madras Courier, Indian Review, Navalokam and Bhashaposhini.

Poems by Kalyani Bindu

A Fever of Living Some nights step lightly, like lily-shadows in blue water- apparitions in transit, between dreams. She awakens in a translucent purgatory- a tread from an incipient...

Poems by Kalyani Bindu

TO SEE To see as I see you, through beetle eyes— mosaic percussion of hundred incarnations, to see, as I see you through strange beetle eyes— like strange art on cryptic flowers, strange streaks at strange places. TO...