Poems by Kalyani Bindu


A Fever of Living

Some nights step lightly,
like lily-shadows in blue water-
apparitions in transit, between dreams.
She awakens in a translucent purgatory-
a tread from an incipient dream
to a feverish slumber, to a body –
a map of nocturnal metamorphosis,
lacerated fish belly sewn with orange seams,
eyes like butterflies in rivulets of pee,
unmade and re-made, like an incipient dream,
a delirium with borderline personality,
a fever of living.


Feline Verdicts

Cats weigh virtues
of trespassing humans,
against tiny
blue-colored crimes
(mouthing words quietly
with unrushed resolve),
measure nauticals
of inhumanity traversed
in massively inconsiderate
feline terms,
and conjure vacant moments,
vials of nihilism,
sinkholes expanding
in ‘vacancy’ (like size)-
slight verdicts
of a feline, the royal nihilist,
on trespassing humans.

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Kalyani Bindu is an aspiring biologist working as a project assistant in the Indian Institute of Science. She forays into poetry, when at a loss of words. She has published a poetry collection, Two Moviegoers and 32 Others, and has written socio-cultural essays in White Crow Art Daily. Her poems have appeared in the Madras Courier, Indian Review, Navalokam and Bhashaposhini.


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