Submission guidelines

No author-bio, please. We will ask for it if we pick your work for publication. If you make us curious, we may take help of the several search engines available. That said, take time to write a nice cover letter. For all submissions we will request you to abide by the guidelines as follows.

Please make sure you submit to

Send us your piece of work through .doc/.docx file attachment. For artwork you have to send .jpg/.jpeg file(s) in high resolution. Right now we are unable to pay our contributors; if this limits you from submitting your work, we won’t force you in any way.

Poetry: Make sure you don’t submit run-of-the-mill stuff; we read many poems on a daily basis, and in most of the cases we ask ourselves: why did the poet write this in the first place?  Your poem(s) should stimulate us; your work should make us see things from a different angle. Poetry that does not bear philosophy or observation(s) or experiences (even if they are mundane or ephemeral) is not for us. The work of poetry is essentially complex, hence, the language should not pose a hindrance to its understanding. Long poems are good, however, shorter the better. Don’t submit more than six poems and no fewer than three poems. All poems should be sent through a single file attachment.

Fiction: Word count should not exceed 3000 words. We should feel proud from publishing your work. Not more than two short stories, please. Fiction that has been translated into English can be submitted, and this should essentially include consent from the original writer.

Nonfiction: Word count should not exceed 3000 words. The writing does not have to be rigorously academic. The language should be accessible to non-academic readers, rather.

Book Review: If you have written a review (rarely does one write a review unless asked) of the book you read of late, send it to us. Word count should not exceed 1200 words. A review should essentially inspire readers to make a choice and buy the book you have written about. Flat appreciation is often repulsive. Academic reviews are best avoided. The reviewer should be well-aware of the motto of reviewing a book for us. If you are an author (or publisher) and want us to review your book(s), inquire first. Email us the details of the book you published. We may request you to send us a copy or two, if needed.

Notes: All works should be original and unpublished, and a declaration of the same should accompany the submission. The editor reserves the right to make changes that range from proofreading errors to substantial changes if it is so required. The author will be informed, and the work will only be published if both parties concur on the logicality of such a change. The author should mention if there is any specification in formatting otherwise the standard submission should be in ‘Times New Roman’ 12-point font size. In-text citations and bibliography should be in MLA style. If an electronic source is cited, the stable URL must be there in the bibliography. Copyright reverts to the author after the first publication (print and online) by ELJ. But the journal reserves the right to republish the work in its future issues, redistribute it, archive it, and nominate it for awards, which may lead to publication in anthologies, etc. If the author wants to republish his/her work, ELJ should be acknowledged as its first publisher. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. The author by submitting his/ her work to ELJ accepts these guidelines and the decision of the ELJ editorial board.

All the best! We look forward to reading your work.