Sunday, December 4, 2022
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About us

Ethos Literary Journal (ELJ) aims to reflect the truest ethos of the current times—the quintessential yet varied, fast-diversifying yet emblematic, “spirit,” so to speak, of the exciting, post-modernist times we are living in. We intend to depict the collective consciousness and the collective intellect of the era by recognizing, publishing, and representing a wide array of diversified voices from around the globe. We are committed to publishing new, emerging, as well as well-known writers, as long as the contents move us in a way only “honest” literature can. We are a semimonthly online literary journal, curating poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and book & film reviews But then, there may be a special issue or two.

Surprise us with a striking and unexpected perspective that shatters our pre-conceived notions on how a certain form of literature should essentially be. Amaze us with a novel, artistic ideation you’ve been pregnant with, and chose to endure the painstaking creation process for the obvious limitations of language. Spare us the consumerist crassness, however, since we are looking for a more genuine and honest approach to the craft without really being fixated on the idea of publishing literature that sells. Your submissions must be crafted finely enough to do justice to its substance as well as form. Question every word, and when in doubt, stick to good old brevity and keep the text explanation free.

We believe in the accessibility of good literature, and with this enterprise, we intend to make literature accessible to one and all for free. The online edition is not going to be inferior to our future print issues in any way [Hawakal Publishers, one of the acclaimed small presses in India, being our proud publishing partner], thereby making quality literature approachable as well as attainable.