Poems by Rituparna Bishnu



It was party time.
I went to a party
at a known place.

It was party time.
I went to the party
as their chief guest.

It was party time.
I went to a party
at a house
I used to live,
for some time.


Ode to a Graveyard

City of angels
tombed in silence.
A solemn stillness
is held in the air.
A hollow lull persists
in the company of death.

Once rich men
bathed in wealth,
lived on earth
in the light of fame.

Others, poles apart,
shrugged in tatters
in twilight zones.

In spirits’ robe
are shrouded now
living though,
now all in void.

Bodied in the
six-feet shell,
in unfathomed
another world.

An end is not the end,
in the graveyard bodies dwell.
Life happens with the angels.

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Rituparna Khan is an Assistant Professor in Bidhannagar College, Salt Lake, Kolkata. She is a Geographer by profession, dealing with anything and everything from natural to human phenomena based on a spatial dimension. However, her inclination to Literature, especially poetry is no less. She has received an award from Inter Cultural Poetry and Performance Library (IPPL) for participating in a Rhyme Competition, and received the Reuel International Award for Best Upcoming Writers in Poetry, 2019.


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