Poems by Akila G



This is how it rains.

A cloudburst
when you laugh and compete
with the spattering droplets
and I
harvest a silence
in a pair of pretentious shades

tears have long muted
consoled and labelled.

Everything has a cure
but no one knows or recalls
what heals first
pain or time?

We possess disintegrated memories
petals, showers, ice pellets, leaves, dust, debris, gust, silence

in a ledger of karma
serrated by your laughter
crippled by my silence

till we burn out
…the third eye
no balance to carry forward

This is how it rains.


The window is our exchange.

Buses, cars, whistling cookers, machines

displaced decibels
of a distant plane, a rabid mongrel,

when passage of time deepens
the window becomes a residue
of images double ticked in blue

tracing unchronicled stories
a sultry love
melodies, loved, lost and found
a shy bride
the fresh scent of first rain

the window drapes a mirror of colours

crumbling into shards
when wind chimes fear

an alibi
to appall, regret, eat and pray
breathe and pretend to sleep
as functions of time and

the window turns
into a stone on our wall.

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Akila G. juggles the muse, work, home and an eight-year-old daughter. She has read at the Goa litfest, TedX, Sahitya Akademi and has been published in anthologies and online journals of repute. She is also an active member of the Twin City Poetry Club, Hyderabad. Her poem “Stains” was one of the ten shortlisted for the Womeninc Sakhi Award 2018 for poetry.


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