Poems by Aneek Chatterjee



When the tree shed all
leaves under a blue
naked sky,
someone whispered: It’s spring.

I sat a crow on the barren tree
that melted down before
the black bird escaped
in to oblivion.

Pebbles strewn around
the pathway laughed
& walked straight
into my heart

When I found the gate
locked after a long journey,
the road announced:
You’re home.



Standing alone in front,
of whom I don’t know

May be a river, a skeleton,
crab, mountain or window

Pensive at dusk, once a river
invited, but refused a swim

The skeleton laughed to see me
under flesh and skin, thick

This crab was supposed to walk on earth
But oxygen had a history of treachery

I see several windows in you
But unable to escape like a river

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Aneek Chatterjee is a poet and academic from India and author of several academic and literary books, and numerous research articles. He has been widely published and anthologized both in India and abroad.


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