Tuhin Sanyal



I’ve started living after my death!
I was killed
Some four years back—
Stabbed and drowned!

’Twas a shallow stream;
I quivered out,
(Ah! Blessed ghoul!)
Was yet again
With the hope
Of new love
And assassins
For my carcass soul!

I’ve lived and died
Many times
In my secular half
And your non-religious (w)hole!

Faced umpteen deaths,
Say, in Mohenjodaro,
And in the Mayan age;
I’ve died during
The Turkish independence,
And when I was a sage
During Mughal invasions.

I died even more
As a Naxalite
During governmental incursions
In the ’70s!

But I didn’t call you
Soft names,
Neither said that I love.

It was a truth
I didn’t want you
To know.
Never said I love you
Since every time I loved,
I died,
Just as I died today
In your moment
Of stray stars,
Say, a moment
Of forgottance!

But you must live.
And do live long,
That I may die again
In your dirge,
And return as a love-song!

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is an Assistant Professor in English at Tufanganj College, Cooch Behar in West Bengal. Apart from various scholarly articles, he has penned four books of poems in English, namely, White, Blue and Other Poems, Phoenix on a Female Body and Other Poems, The Nectar-Nook: an English rendering of H.R. Bachchan's Madhushala and A Mirror More Truthful. He has received the prestigious B.T. Memorial Award from Berhampore University, Odisha, in 2012, for the paper titled “Picassonian Cubism in the Eliotian Wasteland.”


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