Poems by Preetinicha Barman


A Dream of Youth

When we meet, we’ll fly together
caressing each other
with our enthralling beak,
We’ll sing the half-elapsed song
Twitter, twitter, twitter…

We’ll territorialize the sky,
Colonise her spheres,
Our wheezing would form thunder.

We’ll bathe in the rainbow,
Suck the evening twilight,
Soar down to nestle in
the unfamiliar nest of opportunity.

We’ll mouth each other’s adventure,
Will laugh out the half-solved mysteries,
Look at each other through the gaps of dialogues.

We’ll meet and melt into wine,
Plunge into deep tranquillity,
Dissolve our bodies into illusions,
Illusions–that would paint us anew
with vibrant colours;
You and I would be young again
to nourish youth inside our feathers.


The Transformed River

Mystified amidst your rainbow insignia
a rivulet mused placidly,
You called it love and kissed her smile,
She transformed into a woman;
You praised her bosom,
She became the dictator of a lonely island.
Smooching your sword
she is splintered into a host of spirits
whispering to every naked satyr
the tale of your enchanting fingers.

She is a woman now,
so you slowed down her pace;
She owns an island – your home,
so you asked her to guard it
day and night;
Her womanhood is admired,
so you reminded her of dignity
that barred all whispers,
all talks to the rustic satyrs.


Play, Love

Each time we make love
I ask you to call out my name;
For you it’s a chant,
A hymn you recite in an ascending tone,
On the path of attaining the Moksha stage of erotica;
For my sceptic mind
It’s an assurance of fidelity.
Stressing my eyes
I look at your meditating countenance,
Peer at the corners of your closed eyes
to figure out at least a glimpse of promiscuity.
Each night
The cat in me turns to a bat
and looks at things upside down,
drooling venom of suspicion and envy;
the bat turns into a cat,
licks its limbs to cleans up
the scars,
the red-black patches
pestled by the smarmy pieces
of a fragmented dream.

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Preetinicha Barman (1982) is an educator, a poet and a Classical Manipuri dancer. She teaches English Literature at Women’s College, Shillong. She has conducted research on the plays of Girish Karnad and the novels of Orhan Pamuk, for which she has been awarded M. Phil. and Ph. D. degrees respectively. She has published her poems in reputed poetry journals like, Muse India, Peregrine Muse etc. Barman writes poems in English, Assamese and Rajbanshi, her native dialect, as well as translates Rajbanshi poems into English. Aiyor Photok is the collection of her self-composed poems in Rajbanshi. She has also published a number of articles in many journals and book volumes.


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