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Lucy Wilson

Lucy Wilson is Professor Emerita (English Department) at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. In February 2015 her collection of poems, Wind on Water: Poems on Healing Arts and Songs of Love, was published by Transcendent Zero Press. Her previous publications include a book on Caribbean women writers and approximately 20 articles on 20th century British, American, and Anglophone Caribbean literature. In 2016, she released another outstanding poetry collection called Poems from the Left Coast. Dr. Wilson writes verse that reflects her passion for W.B. Yeats, environmentalism, John Donne, post-colonial Caribbean literature, and freedom from patriarchy.

Poems by Lucy Wilson

Distant Thunder I. Monster Mash My sister noticed first: “You walk like an old lady.” I was forty-six, but she was right. I could not, would not, see. One day...