Jake Tringali


the authenticity of my butt

i now hear that
the authenticity of my butt
is in question

who are these doubters, these trolls
naysaying, behind anonymity

well, i stand here today
and tell you my butt is authentic
unadultered, genuine american male ass

this is not some cheap foreign knock off
no booty magic here, no $5000 enhancements
no fat injections or custom adjustment
of my hip-to-thigh ratios

this is naturally sculpted
earned over forty-five years
no pills or supplements have been taken
in the making of this butt

i burned no salem sage for this buttock
and have had several personal inspections
from certain certified hands
it checks out
i can provide references

in the future my ass might be cloned
or handcrafted onto some series of sexbot
pvc skeleton with steel joints and silicon flesh
this is the legacy / I leave behind

no stage tricks
no mirrors or hidden compartments or trick lighting
my butt and I will be in the lobby after the show
taking questions

i’ll thank you to not question
the authenticity of my butt

spider on the ferris wheel

as serious as everything is these days
there is a spider living on a ferris wheel

there is a spider living on a ferris wheel
that wakes up spinning out of control

on a contraption it cannot comprehend
a contraption made for the curious pleasure

of higher beings. from this spider’s point of reference,
the silky web is fixed against two metal struts

the two metal struts are fixed against the rim
there is a large pod nearby, swaying with gravity

from time to time, food can be found in the web
from time to time, weather knocks down the web

up and down and around like a clock
life is a series of starts and stops

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After living in Los Angeles for many years, Jake Tringali is now back in his home city of Boston. Runs rad restaurants. Thrives in a habitat of bars, punk rock shows, and late-night adventures. His first book Poems for a Neon Apocalypse will be published in October 2018.


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