Oindri Sengupta



Here, the light sinks low
as a meandering river,
into the threshold of my windows
when I bake half-grown weeds.
My nails are black with smoke.
I clean the air around me
with my overgrown hair.

My kitchen sink is on the other side
of the green balcony.
It tells me the story of a dead end lane
winding down the path of trees
like the retreating song of the seagulls.

Here is the place
where I meet with the falling stars.
Their passion is that of a red sun,
curious for the night to dissolve
into the magnitude of slumberous madness.

I am inhabiting this land
since the beginning of the last century,
collecting feathers from the flying birds
like a jigsaw puzzle.

Inside the blue moon
A boat ferrying rivers
Crosses the horizon.

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is a poet from Kolkata, India. Her poetry has been widely published in various national and international journals like Muse India, Kritya, Poetry Quarterly, Chiron Review, Decanto, Istanbul Literary Review, etc. She is currently teaching English Literature and Language to high school students in Kolkata. A few of her poems have also been made into a play named Another Rainbow by Alternative Living Theatre which has been performed in various parts of the country.


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