Poems by Adedayo Ademokoya


In Pains

Like a mighty wind, it came
Infant memories of joy defamed
The punctured hearts on the slings
of torment catapulted to the strings
to sign the hymns of bitterness

Those heavy hearts in battered souls
Becoming numb to the pangs of death
Stealing the love of nature to their hub
Staring the ocean of forgetfulness never to return

In pains
The lament of the body pitched the voice
The labour of passion dried in futility
Sowing the seed of tears on those lofty cheeks
Filling the sky with the cloud of emptiness

In pains,
the cracked bodies diffused anger
The teary eyes rained forever
A dirge for the fallen city of gold
leaving it defiled for all to see.

Do Men Cry?

Unfolding events in raging emotions
The tears that grow in tares and thorns
The milky moon turns vagabond placing
the sweats in the cold hands of broken promises

Felt love with the arms embellished with hatred
Head bruised with the weapons of words and
eyes winked as the heart is being burgled

The heart dissolves in the waters of pain
pinning the breath of blood
Lifeless and energetic, fooling around
in the irony of unintended passion

Time passes, seconds tick
Changing life, static motion
Passion breaking backbone stunning the
smiling marrow in the massacre of the heart
Confusion and ecstasy
Lost and joyful
following the sacred being
Do men really cry?

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Adedayo Ademokoya is a writer who believes that we are beings of emotions. Expression makes human free from the shackles of ignorance. He feels that words are just a combination of letters until passion is infused for the liberation of souls. Some of his works have appeared on Brave Arts Africa, Indian Periodical, Thought Catalog, Parousia Magazine, The Rising Phoenix Review, Praxis Magazine, Tuck Magazine, Wild Word, Kreative Diadem and elsewhere.



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